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Falcon Log Homes Ltd. Log homes and cabins handcrafted by Canadian builders of log home kits. We ship throughout Canada, the U.S. and Overseas.

High Mountain Log Homes A log home company specializes exclusively in handcrafted log homes.

Model Log Homes Find a model log home near you that is open to the public.

Cedar Log Homes & Log Cabins by Katahdin Quality custom cedar log homes & log cabins. They offer manufactured log homes, custom designed plans & build-it-yourself kits for new homes, mountain & lakeside vacation getaways, commercial buildings, luxury home styles.

Acadian Log Works Handcrafted log homes, cabins, and furniture.

Advantage Log Home Mills Providing various air-dried and kiln-dried logs and log building packages for custom log homes and log cabins.

Adventure Logs, Lumber, and More Offers custom designs.

Air Lock Log Company, Inc. Manufacturers of log homes.

Alta Industries Ltd. Manufactures custom log homes and buildings. Includes floor plans and dealer information.

American TimberCraft Homes Builds and delivers log homes.

AmerLink Log Homes Producing log home packages for customers in the USA and abroad.

Appalachian Log Homes Features log cabin and home floor plans, kits, custom designs, photographs, construction, and more.

Arizona Log Homes General contractor specializing in the construction of log homes with custom, turn-key, and do-it-yourself kits available.

Arontec Inc. Manufacturing and exporting log homes worldwide.

Atali Log Homes Creates handcrafted, custom log home packages or log accents.

Ayrewood Homes Ltd. Manufacturing milled log home kits. Features log home floor plans for building ideas.

Baker Pond Log Works Builds log home kits for people throughout the Northwest.

Barna Log Homes of Georgia, Inc. Regional dealer.

Battle Creek Log Homes Manufacturer and builder of custom log homes, kits, and packages. Offers complete desigining and blueprinting, as well as construction labor.

Beaver Mountain Log Homes Inc. Custom log and cedar home manufacturer.

Bowron Valley Log Homes Offers handcrafted log homes, fences, and railings.

Bronson Log Homes, Inc. Manufactures residential and commercial log buildings.

Caledon Log Homes Manufacturing log homes.

California Log Homes Offers complete log home sales, construction, and plans.

CanadaLog Homes Offers pre-engineered and custom log and timber homes.

Canadian Cedar Log Ltd. Producing red cedar log residential and commercial designs.

Caribou Creek Log Homes Makers of log homes.

Catlett Log Homes Builds handcrafted log homes using standing dead spruce as well as lodge-pole and white pine.

Cedar Knoll Log Homes Manufactures logs and siding. Also designs and builds houses.

Centennial Log Homes Manufacturing log building packages and furnishings.

Colonial Structures, Inc. Provides cedar log home kits. Includes information on their dealer network.

Conestoga Log Cabins, Inc. Manufacturer of log cabin kits specifically designed for the campground and resort industry to be used as rental units.

Country Autumn Log Homes Custom log home and cabin packages.

Country Log Cabins Manufacturer of log cabin kits for campgrounds, resorts, and individual consumers.

Country Road Log Homes Precut log homes with a selection of models and floorplans.

Creekside Log Homes Manufacturer of machine milled log homes in White Cedar and White Pine.

Cypress Log Homes Manufactures log buildings and sells cypress lumber.

Edgewood Fine Log Structures Designer, manufacturer and builder of contemporary custom log homes and structures.

Fireside Log Homes Offers sales, design, and construction services. Utilizes proprietary technology Process 2000 to treat wood and minimize shrinkage, defects, and other problems.

Four Seasons Log Homes Produces home building material packages, using log and conventional wood building systems and construction techniques.

Glu-Lam-Log, Inc. Manufacturer of laminated and traditional milled logs, and matching siding and milled wood products.

Golden Eagle Log Homes Offers log home packages and custom designs.

Gord Hill Log Homes Manufacturing log homes.

Grand Lake Log Homes Manufacturing residential and commercial log structures.

Granite State Log Homes Manufacturer of log homes.

Great Bear Log Homes Specializes in handcrafted log homes. Offers a variety of floor plans.

Grizzly Peak Log Homes Manufacturing and assembling log homes.

Hearthstone Homes, Inc. Designer, manufacturer, and builder of handcrafted square-log and timberframe homes.

Herwig Log Homes & Timber Framing Inc. Handcrafter of fine scribed log homes.

Hiawatha Log Homes Manufactures log homes and beds.

Holland Log Homes Manufactures insulated log wall systems.

Homestead Log Homes Inc. Manufacturer and supplier of hand-peeled log home packages from Oregon since 1978.

Honest Abe Log Homes Manufacturing log homes.

International Homes of Cedar IHC manufactures custom precut home and commercial building packages. Distributed worldwide.

International Homes of Cedar - manufacturing pre Cut cedar and pine homes.

Jim Barna Log Systems Log home manufacturers.

Joe Cousins Log Homes, Inc. Supplier of log siding and builder of log homes.

Katahdin Forest Products Manufactures cedar log homes and commercial buildings.

Kodiak Log Homes Hand-crafted log homes using hand-peeled logs, winter-cut logs from the great western-Canadian forests. Custom designs or stock homeplans available.

Kuhns Bros. Log Homes Manufacturing log buildings.

Laurentien Log Homes Ltd. Designing and manufacturing log buildings.

Legendary Logcrafters Limited Manufacturing and assembling log and timber homes.

Lindal Cedar Homes Manufactures and distributes custom cedar homes, windows, and sunrooms.

Linwood Homes Manufacturer and builder of custom cedar log homes and building kits. Also provides floor plans and virtual tours online.

Lodge Log Homes Manufactures pre-cut, pre-drilled, milled logs with thru-bolt attachment system for residential and commercial buildings, siding, and beds.

Log Home Cooperative of America Manufacturing log homes.

Logcrafter's Log & Timber Homes, Inc. Manufacturing log home packages.

LOK-N-LOGS Offers pre-cut log home packages via a nationwide dealer network.

Lumberjack Log Homes Made of lodgepole pine logs.

Maine Cedar Log Homes Manufacturing log homes.

Mark Fritch Custom Log Homes Designs and builds log homes.

Merrimac Log Homes Specializes in wholesale log home packages. Sells packages that are logs only or complete log home kits.

Montana Logs, Inc. Producers of custom designed handcrafted log structures.

Moose Mountain Log Homes, Inc. Handcrafted log homes with shrink-fit saddle notches and double-scribe lateral groove systems.

Morgan Log Homes Ltd. Handcrafted log homes built using the Scandinavian Full-Scribe method.

Mountain State Log Homes Manufacturing log homes.

New Foundland Log Homes Offers custom-built homes, kits, and construction services.

New Homestead USA Offers retail service with factory-direct prices.

New Pioneer Log Homes, Inc. Manufacturer of custom log homes, lodges, and cabins, as well as log beds and other furniture.

Northeastern Log Homes Manufacturing log homes.

Nostalgic Log Homes, Inc. Building custom log homes.

Old Virginia Log Homes Manufactures log homes.

Oregon Log Home Co. Specializes in the production of custom log homes.

Original Lincoln Logs Ltd Manufacturing log and solid-panel homes.

Original Log Cabin Homes, Ltd. Manufacturing log home packages.

Original Log Cabins Ltd. Manufactures log homes and produces the wood components for a log home.

Pacific Log Homes Manufacturing contemporary log homes.

Permanent Log Homes, Inc. Specializing in log homes, lodges, recreational cabins, motels, and restaurants.

Phoenix Wood Products Ltd. Manufactures Riverbend Log Homes.

Pioneer Log Homes Canadian builder of log homes in the world.

Precision Craft Log Homes Manufacturing log homes.

Quality-Log-Homes Ltd. Manufacturer of log home systems.

Rapid River Rustic, Inc. Makers of cedar log home products.

Rasmussen Log Homes Manufacturing log homes

Real Log Homes Manufacturer of pre-cut log residential buildings.

Redrock Log Homes Manufacturing and construction of custom log homes.

RippleCraft Log Homes Producing log home packages with a patented notching system. Also offers construction and custom design.

Rocky Mountain Log Homes Log home construction and design.

Satterwhite Log Homes Manufacturing log homes from Engelmann spruce.

Senty Handcrafted Log Homes Producing custom built, scribe fit, handcrafted log homes.

Sierra Log Homes Designs and builds log homes and business structures.

Sing Homes Building homes with square logs.

Sisson Company Manufactures and builds log homes and cabins. Kits available.

Sisson Log Homes Manufacturer of log home products.

Southland Log Homes Pre-cut log kits for family homes, vacation homes or hunting lodges.

Southwest Log Homes, Inc. Will deliver custom log houses.

StoneMill Log Homes Offering brochures and details of custom homes.

Suwannee River Log Homes Designers and manufacturers.

Tennessee Log Homes Offering services from simple erection to a completely finished home.

Tennessee Mountain & Valley Manufacturer of hewed and dovetailed log homes.

The Log Offering custom design plans as well as selling pine and cedar logs and siding.

Timberline Log Homes Distributes and builds handcrafted, custom-designed log homes.

Tomahawk Log and Country Homes Manufacturers and builders of energy-efficient log homes and cabins.

Town & Country Cedar Homes Manufactures homes made from northern white cedar.

Treehouse Log Homes Offering log homes, using custom or pre-designed plans.

Unique Timber Corp. Manufacturing custom log homes using vacuum kiln dried wood.

Ward Log Homes Log home manufacturer. Custom designs homes using northern white cedar.

Wilderness Cabins of America Offers cabin kits, log homes, complete exterior shell packages, and more.

Wilderness Log Homes Manufacturing full-log and insulated-log homes.

Wisconsin Log Homes Manufactures insulated half-log buildings.

Wolf Creek, Ltd. Builder and dealer of log cabin homes. Serving Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and the greater Rocky Mountain West.

Woodco Manufacturing and supplying log homes, timber frame buildings, holiday homes, and specialist wood products.

Wyoming Log Home Manufacturing Company Specializing in pre-cut and pre-drilled log packages, kits and custom cutting.

Yellowstone Log Homes Manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer.



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