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A Sharper Home Providing home security, entertainment, and much more.

American Auto-Matrix Designs and manufacturers building automation and access control systems, components, and software for various commercial and industrial control applications.

AMX Corporation (Nasdaq:AMXC) Designs and manufactures control systems for operation of audio, video, lighting, and other electronic equipment.

Andover Controls Manufacturer of intelligent, programmable, network-based building automation systems.

Applied Digital, Inc. Offer automation controllers and systems.

Blue Earth Research Designs and manufactures the Micro-440e, Micro-485, and Xplor PDC series of 8051 and 8052 BASIC programmable controllers for automation and control.

Centaurus Systems, Inc. Systems integrators in the facilities management and process control industries. Creators of Pegasus software.

Chalmor Limited Specializes in heating and lighting control products for industry and commerce.

Computrols, Inc. Providing building automation systems to control lighting, building access, HVAC systems, and fire alarms.

Crestron Electronics, Inc. Manufacturers high-end control systems for corporate, institutional and residential markets.

Custom Solutions, Inc. Manufactures the HomeVision home automation control system and accessories.

Delta Controls, Inc. Manufactures intelligent building automation systems, using hardware and software for DDC control of various HVAC, lighting and access systems.

Dimax Controls Manufactures and installs digital control systems to improve the operation of physical plants in buildings.

Echelon Corporation Universal control networking solutions for business and home automation. Creator of Lonworks networking technology, LonTalk communications protocol, the Neuron Chip, and other open distributed control products.

Energy Control Technologies Jardware, software, installations, and design services for turn key building automation system.

Excel Energy Technologies, Ltd. Involved in the manufacturing, service, sales, support and consulting sectors of the energy management industry.

FieldServer Technologies Designs and manufactures data communication devices that enable field devices to communicate to each other, to Ethernet, or a PC.

H I Solutions, Inc. Specializes in building automation, environmental control, and energy management.

Internet Demo Interactive demo lets you experience a control network, or Infranet, which uses the Internet to operate everyday devices like switches, dimmers, thermostats and more, remotely.

Protect Controls, Inc. Manufactures power control buildings for oil and gas producers, petrochemcial plants, and other businesses.

Reliable Computer Systems Ltd. Manufacturer of embedded microcontroller hardware and software for the building automation industry.

Richards Zeta Manufactures graphically programmed controls for building automation, energy management and temperature control systems.

Safe Roof Systems Manufacturers of the Senteck DMD-1000 roof monitoring and alarm system that guards against catastrophic roof failures.

Vantage Manufacturer of lighting control and automation systems.

Walker Systems Corporation Develop and manufacture programmable, real-time, distributed control systems.



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