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Plastic Pipe
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Oxford Plastics Inc. Manufactures hdpe corrugated drainage, foundation and irrigation pipe for the construction industry.

Advanced Drainage Systems [ADS] ADS Advanced Drainage Systems The largest polyethylene pipe manufacturer in the world.

Asmuss Plastic Systems Ltd Manufacture ABS, PP and PVDE pipe and systems. Products include thermoplastic valves and actuators, and industrial high strength PVC and high temperature CPVC piping.

Boen and Associates, Inc. Distributor for stud welding products, plastic pipe and thread protection products.

Bryant Plastics, Inc. Industrial and speciality manufacturer of any type of plastic pipe (PVC). Buy and sell scrap PVC material and have a custom material processing center.

Carlon A manufacturer of engineered products including plastic piping systems. Products include HDPE and PVC pipe.

Central Plastics Company Central Plastics Company is a manufacturer of polyethylene related products for piping systems.

Chemiplast Industries Plastics processor manufacturing hdpe pipes, rigid pvc pipes, plastic storage tanks, sprinklers and drip irrigation systems. India.

Crumpler Plasic Pipe Inc. Manufacturer of corrugated plastic drainage pipe.Includes product technical data and user testimonials.

Dizayn Group Produce a range of pipes from polypropylene for heating and sanitary fittings. Includes technical data and specifications. Turkey.

Driscopipe A supplier of piping systems.

Europipes Ltd Plastic piping distributors offering systems for land drainage water supply ducting irrigation sewers effluent stormwater.

Fusibond Piping Systems, Inc. Specialized in plastic lined pipe and plastic lined pipe fittings. Provides detailed product information.

Fusion Seal Corporation Fusion Seal Corporation is a supplier of high density HDPE polyethylene pipes, HDPE fittings and related HDPE products and services.

Harvel Plastics, Inc. U.S. manufacturer of PVC and CPVC extruded industrial pipe, duct and machining shapes in standard and custom sizes.

Hawkeye Tile Inc Manufacture high density polyetheylene drainage pipe . Products include drainage tile, dualwall, storm sewer pipe, corrugated pipe, HDPE pipe, and plastic tubing.

Independent Pipe Products The independent manufacturer of high density polyethylene pipe fittings, valves and transition connections.

KWH Pipe Ltd. Manufacture plastic pipes for various applications such as water, sewage, gas and irrigation purposes.

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. Manufacturer's profile of production in HDPE polyethylene plastic pipe heat fusion equipment, fintubes and finned tube equipment, and mobile directional control valves technologies.

North American Pipe Corporation Manufacturers of plastic pipe.

Pipefusion Services Inc. Supplier of high density polyethylene pipe and fittings in Canada, the United States, and worldwide.

Plastic Lined Piping Systems Plastic lined piping for the process industry. Kynar, Teflon, Tefzel, Halar, and Polypropylene lined steel pipe and fittings.

PT Pralon Manufacture a range of polyvinyl chloride pipes. Features company profile, product data, and technical specifications.

Sandale Utility Products, Inc. Supplier of polyethylene pipe and fittings to the natural gas market. Includes product and services overview.

Shakthiman PVC Pipe Manufacturer a range of pipes, wiring pipes, and plastic plumbing materials . Product specification and size charts . India.

Vinilon Group Indonesia's leading uPVC/PE pipes and accessories manufacturer.

Wavin Ireland Limited Manufacture plastic pipe systems for gas, water, sewer, land drainage, and cable ducting.

Yuan Soong Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of high density polyethylene pipes and fittings. Includes product specifications.



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