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Advanced Asphalt Technologies Provides the asphalt industry with full service engineering and technical support for all aspects of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) design, testing, and construction.

Albuquerque Asphalt Offers a polymer modified pavement repair product and asphalt paving construction services.

Caltex Corporation The asphalt business unit provides asphalt product deliveries to customers throughout the regions of Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Cam, LLC Supplies and applies petroleum-based asphalt rejuvenation and dust control products to roads, gravel areas and other surfaces.

Chemtek Inc. Manufacture biodegradable asphalt solvents, coatings, and release agents. Includes specifications and related regulations.

Commercial Paving and Recycling Providing recycling services, and recycled products for the road construction industry. Serving New England.

Community Asphalt Corp Supply a permanent asphalt repair product. Includes placement instructions, stockpiling methods, and specification sheets.

Contractors Manufacturing Services, Inc. Designs underground excavation machinery for the trenchless technology industry.

Craig Paving, Inc. Manufactures a range of asphalt mixes Also offer contracting services. Service area includes Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Darin Tech Manufacture and install modified asphalt products including drainage asphalt and fast setting repair products. Technical data sheets available.

Deco Asphalt Resurfacing System Offers a decorative paving system.

Ergon, Inc. Manufactures and markets asphalt, asphalt emulsions, and specialty oils as its primary products.

Ez Street Company Manufacturer and supplier of cold asphalt for the pavement repair industry.

Granite Construction, Inc. Diversified heavy civil and highway contractor and construction materials producer.

Granite Rock Company Supplier of asphaltic concrete, road oils, emulsions and ready mixed concrete.

Ground Specialties, Inc. Offers ground thawing equipment and portable frost and ice removal units for the underground utility industry and cemeteries.

Heilman Pavement Specialties, Inc. Manufacture permanent stockpile asphalt materials for road maintenance operations.

Keanes Environmental Limited Supply a recycling and soil modification for road resurfacing work. Offers test report and project profiles.

Koch Materials Company Manufacturer of value-added asphalt road paving materials.

Kraton Manufacturer of polymers for extrusions, hot melt and applied coatings. Applications include bitumen modification , adhesives, sealants and coatings, and modification of thermoplastics.

Lake Asphalt Of Trinidad And Tobago (1978) Limited Supplier of mined and processed material for the road pavement construction industry throughout many nations of the world.

Libra Systems Corporation Manufactures automated control systems using PCs for all types of asphalt plants.

MacPave Corporation Manufacture a surface protectant for roads, bridges and runways to assist the elimination of reflective cracking.

McAsphalt Industries Asphalt producers and pavement design consultants.

Missouri Petroleum Produces road contruction and surface maintenance products including chip, micro and slurry seals, underseal, paving fabrics, emulsions, cutbacks, and geosynthetics.

Moose Jaw Asphalt Inc. Refines and processes asphaltic crude oil into asphalt cement products, modified and performance graded asphalts and cutbacks.

Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. Providing crushed stone products to the Ohio River Valley.

Neyra Industries, Inc. Manufacturers of pavement maintenance and recreational surfacing products.

P & T Products Inc Manufacture a line of hot melt crack and joint sealants. Includes material data safety sheets.

Patterned Concrete Industries, Ltd Patterned Concrete Industries offers flooring solutions with all the beauty of flagstone, cobblestone, brick and other surfaces, without the cost and lack of stability over time.

Pave Tech Inc PAVE TECH features PAVE EDGE and PAVE CHEM tools and chemical cleaning and sealing products for the paving, construction, landscaping and material handling professional. Power tools for building masonry construction, retaining walls and stone walkways.

Pavement Coatings, Inc. Manufacturer of asphalt pavement sealer and sealcoating equipment. Serving Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Alabama.

Pavement Tool Mfrs., Inc. Manufactures a complete line of asphalt pavement maintenance hand tools and plastic reusable parking lot stencils.

Pioneer Oil Company Supplier of PG asphalt binders, equipment and services to the asphalt paving industry.

PolyPavement A liquid soil solidifier for use on paths, driveways, prevention of erosion, and more.

Polyphalt Inc. High-performance asphalt technologies and products which assist asphalt manufacturers and end users to achieve higher performing products.

Presto Products Co Manufacturer of Geoweb cellular confinement system, geocell, for soil stabilization, slope protection, erosion control, stream protection, channel protection, load support, surface stabilization, earth retention, retaining walls. Geoblock porous pavement system for grass pavements, turf stabilization.

Quik Pave Products, Inc. Manufacture crack and joint sealing systems and other problem-solving products and materials. Includes a catalog in pdf format.

Rayner Protective Materials Manufacturers of a polymer modified asphalt sealcoat. Includes information on the formation of asphaltic bitumens and its uses.

Reed & Graham, Inc. Manufacture custom designed asphalt concrete mixes, asphaltic emulsions, road oils and specialty asphalt seal coating materials.

Rhomar Industries, Inc. Maintenance solutions for the asphalt and de-icing industries.

Rock Binders Inc. Manufacture sulphur extended asphalt modifiers . Features product and technical data, safety, and an asphalt history.

Rogers Group, Inc. Aggregates, hot mix asphalt, road construction, precast concrete, coal, building supplies, recycling, and specialty products.

Sargeant Group of Companies Provides asphalt and bitumen products to worldwide locations using asphalt tankers, barges and ISO bulk containers.

SBR Systems, Inc. Wholesale supplier of joint sealants and crack sealers. Also supply application equipment. Features full product specifications.

Seaboard Asphalt Products Company Manufacturer and supplier of a emulsion and cut back bitumen tack coats for the pavement maintenance industry.

Sealmaster Industries Inc Manufacture of sealmaster asphalt pavement sealers and coatings and the machinery to apply it.

Southeastern Fly Ash Co., Inc. Suppliers of coal fly ash for use as mineral filler in asphalt pavements.

Southland Oil Company Producers of paving and maintenance asphalts including modified asphalt . Made from high quality domestic crudes.

Special Asphalt Products Manufacture and distribute a line of asphalt maintenance products including sealcoating, crack sealers, and polymer modified sports coatings.

Starseal of Florida Supply asphalt pavement sealants and sealcoating equipment. Includes product data and contractors usage guidelines.

Tec Team Industries Inc Manufactures and markets speciality chemical products for the hot mix asphalt industry.

Telsmith, Inc. Manufactures portable, modular and stationary mineral processing equipment for the aggregate and mining industries.

Tensar Earth Technologies, Inc. Tensar biaxial and uniaxial geogrids for retaining walls, reinforced slopes, pavements, foundations, and other engineered earth technologies. Specializing in site development solutions for common earthwork problems.

The Gorman Group Manufacturers and suppliers of aggregates , asphalt cement , asphalt emulsions, and cutback , geotextiles, high-performance patch materials and joint fillers.

The National Paving and Contracting Co Manufacturers of a paving material developed to fulfill a need to rapidly, safely, and permanently repair potholes, utility cuts, and fiber optic cable slots, in all types of weather.

Thompson New and used crushing, screening, and recycling systems.

TLA of America Suppliers of the naturally occurring Trinidad Lake Asphalt. Offers a history, current applications, and specifications.

Ultrapave Provide products and services for the improvement of asphalt pavements to extend the life of highways and reduce maintenance costs.

Uni-Group U.S.A. UNI-GROUP U.S.A. is one of the nation's leading interlocking concrete paver associations, with over 25 years experience in the design and production of concrete pavers.

Unique Paving Materials Corporation Manufactures and distributes road repair and maintenance products such as pothole patching material, utility cuts, asphalt, hotmix, and coldmix.

Unique Paving Materials Corporation Manufacturer of permanent pavement repair material for repairing asphalt or concrete pavements in any weather. Includes a distributor locator.

Vance Bros., Inc. Pavement maintenance products and equipment, sport surface coatings, geotextiles and erosion control products.

Vredestein Sealing Systems Design and develop sealing systems for road construction and civil engineering projects. Includes an overview of products.

W H Keys Ltd. Manufacturer of bituminous compounds for the construction industry. The company can supply their own brands or make to most specifications.

W. R. Meadows Concrete solutions for new construction and rehabilitation, crack and joint pavement sealants, expansion and contraction joint fillers.

Ziegler Chemical and Mineral Corporation Speciality asphalt producer, main product is gilsonite.



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