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Bidet & Bidets Link Partner Bio Life Technologies is the manufacturer of the world renowned COCO bidet. The COCO bidet is setting a new standard in personal hygiene.

American Biffy Company Offers Biffy Personal Rinse, a physician-developed bidet alternative that attaches to a toilet bowl.

Aqualite Trading Distributor of White Bidet, a portable bidet system.

Athena: Controllable Flush Company Water saving dual mode flushing device.

Bidet-Mate Personal Products Offers a mini-bidet for personal hygiene purposes.

BidetMaster Delivers a cool jet spray of water to clean oneself after toilet activity.

Church Seats Manufacturer of plastic and molded and solid wood toilet seats.

Cleanrite Offers attachments which transform a toilet or commode into a bidet.

Comfort Clean Products Offering bidet heated seat to attach to toilet.

Designer Sells handmade designer toilet seats that fit all standard sized toilet pans.

Flushmate Pressure assisted flushing system for low consumption toilets.

Fur Your Bunz Faux fur and specialty fabric toilet seat covers and other bathroom accessories.

Hemorrhoids Homecare Co. Offers the Jasmin and Chloe portable washlet attachments that convert toilet seats to a bidets.

Hogue, Inc. Featuring SaniSoft toilet seats with a warm, soft touch elastomer surface.

Hygo-tech Distributes Hygolet motorized sanitary toilet seats, and other restroom products and supplies.

Kyle's Sea Krafts Designs sea shell-themed and novelty toilet seats.

Lubidet USA, Inc. Offers an attachment that transforms a toilet or commode into a bidet.

Mrs. Bidet Sells attachment that adds bidet function for personal hygiene. Sells toilet seat and portable bidets.

Nature's Platform For people who wish to utilize a natural squatting position safely and comfortably.

Painted Potties Sells decal designs for decorating your toilet bowl.

Sanderson Plumbing Products, Inc Manufacturer of Magnolia and Beneke bathroom seats.

Smarter Products Offers the WaterFresh bidet attachment.

Systems Connect, Inc. Offering the Jon-Air, a device that helps elimiate toilet odors.

UCI Manufactures Bio Bidet and offers distribution programs for new business opportunities.

USABidet Selling a bidet attachment. Transforms any toilet into a bidet.



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