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Home Builders > Mechanical > HVAC > Humidity Control
Humidity Control
Site Listings

Heat Pipe Technology, Inc. Manufacturer of dehumidifier and heat recovery heat pipes for commercial and residential applications.

Air Tech Equipment Ltd. Supply a range of de-humidifiers. Includes online operational videos and product specifications.

American Moistening Company Offers products for humidification, dust suppression, and evaporative cooling solutions.

Dectron Internationale (Nasdaq:DECT) Manufactures dehumidification and indoor air quality equipment.

Dehumidifier Corp. of America Site offers the manufacturing of indoor swimming pool, industrial, and outside air dehumidifiers.

Dehumidifiers Online Offering an energy efficient alternative to conventional dehumidifiers.

Desert Spring Furnace Humidifier Distributor of home furnace humidifiers with technology that eliminates the need to replace sponges.

DGH Systems, LLC Manufacturer of industrial, commercial and residential humidifiers.

Draabe System GmbH Manufactures air humidifiers.

DRI-STEEM Humidifier Company Building commercial, industrial and process humidification systems.

Drykor Site offers DryKor's dehumidification prooducts. Signature product dries air and cools it without additional equipment.

Dumont Companies Offers design/build metal fabrication services, and manufactures dehumidifiers and ATV carriers for pick-up trucks.

EWC Controls, Inc. Manufactures both rectangular and round zone controlled dampers.

Gobi Climate Tools Offers mineral tool for humidity control in most environments.

HB Cotes A/S Manufacturer of dehumidifiers with silicagel rotors. Offers the Desert Spring furnace humidifier.

Humidity Control Site offers humidity control systems for self contained chambers, environmental rooms and generating units.

Jaybird Manufacturing, Inc. Providing fogging equipment for humidification, evaporative cooling, and chemical application.

Kathabar Inc. Offers liquid desiccant dehumidification products and services for industrial, commercial and institutional uses.

ML System a/s Danish manufacturer of energy saving high-pressure humidification system for direct humidification in industrial premises.

Munters Corporation Provides products and services for humidity control in industrial, commercial, residential, and agricultural applications.

NovelAire Technologies A manufacturer of energy recovery and dehumidification equipment.

Quality Living Fight mold, mildew, rust, and odors in your home with Dampp-Chaser closet dehumidifiers and other products for moisture and humidity control.

Scientific Climate Systems Manufacturers and suppliers of dry rooms, environmental test chambers, desiccant dehumidification systems, and low humidity chambers.

Seibu Giken DST Manufactures desiccant dehumidifiers.

Stulz of North America Precision air conditioning and energy efficient humidification systems.

Venmar Ventilation Inc. Manufacturer of energy saving, recovery, and source ventilators, range hoods and ventilation systems.

Vesper Research, Inc. Provides patented non-electric room humidifiers.

Wagner Electronic Products, Inc. Moisture Meters - solutions to your wood or concrete moisture problems and the equipment to detect them in advance.



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