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Heat Exchangers

Site Listings

Advanced Tech International, Inc. Engineered and designed a highly efficient unit that provides a large flow rate of hot water. This powerful, revolutionary new water heater provides for several simultaneous hot water demands.

Affinity Worldwide supplier of water chillers and non-refrigerated heat exchangers.

Air-x-changers Manufactures custom-designed engine-driven and horizontal electric motor-driven air-cooled heat exchangers for the natural gas and process industries worldwide.

Alfa Laval HVAC Manufacturer of plate and brazed heat exchangers, and service products for heat exchangers.

Allan Builders Builds homes.

American Energy Exchange, Inc. Manufacturer of packaged energy recovery products including plate, wheel or heat pipe devices, ventilators, dehumidifiers, and air handlers.

American Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc. Produces air-cooled (tube-fin) and liquid cooled (shell and tube) heat exchangers.

American Standard Commercial Water Heaters Manufacturers of commercial, residential and R.V. water heaters.

Arwa Technologies Offering tankless water heating systems and HVAC zone controls. Also offers online ordering.

Bock Water Heaters Oil, gas, indirect and electric water heaters,hot water radiant and space heating.

Bos-Hatten Inc. Manufacturers and suppliers of shell and tube exchangers, TEMA thermosyphon and kettle reboilers, fuel gas heaters, evaporators and condensers.

Bowman Manufacturer of heat exchangers and oil coolers for all industrial, automotive, marine, mining, and hydraulic applications.

Cetetherm AB Manufactures heat exchange and water heating products.

Cooler Service Company, Inc. Manufactures air cooled heat exchangers for the natural gas industry.

Cutler Technology Manufacturer of stainless steel tankless water heater that both heats water - up to 22kw and distills up to 150 gallons per day of drinking water with the same energy.

DC Fabricators, Inc. Supplying design and manufacturing technology for steam condensers and heat exchangers for marine and power generation.

Dunn Heat Exchangers Inc. Specializing in design, fabrication, repair, and cleaning of shell and tube heat exchangers.

Ecodyne MRM, Inc. Offers air cooled heat exchangers, tank heaters, and more.

Energy Exchanger Company Manufactures shell and tube heat exchangers.

Energy Management and Control Save money by not paying for hot water you don't need. Our systems monitor and control hot water usage so you only heat water when you need it.

Enerquip, Inc. Manufactures shell and tube heat exchangers and related heat transfer systems.

Enginemates Heat Transfer Designs air cooled heat exchangers.

Exergy Inc. Manufactures heat transfer equipment, including shell-and-tube, tube-in-tube, cold plate, sanitary and miniature heat exchangers.

Flatplate, Inc. Manufacturer of brazed plate heat exchangers.

Gas Appliance Sales GAS specializes in water heaters and other gas appliances for businesses and residences. Distributors of Voyager, American Range, Beverage-Air, The Blazer, Hoshizaki and Sparco.

Globaltowne Residential and commercial gas, propane and electric tankless water heaters.

Greenbox Index Manufactures a unique range of plastic plate heat exchangers, recuperators, and plastic volume control dampers.

GSW Water Heating Water heaters from 2.5 to 119 gallon sizes.

Heat Exchange Applied Technology, Inc. Manufactures finned tubes and heat exchangers for industrial and institutional customers.

Heat Exchanger Manufacturers Directory of manufacturers and suppliers of air cooled shell and tube heat exchangers, flat plate transfer systems, and brazed graphite finned tubing.

Heat Exchanger Systems Produces spiral, shell and tube, and plate heat exchangers. Site also in German.

Heat Exchangers Lists companies providing plate heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers, air cooled heat transfer products, and fin tubes for heat exchangers.

Heat Transfer Products, Inc Manufactures quality water heaters at competitive prices.

Heatex AB Swedish manufacturer of air-to-air heat exchangers.

HouseNeeds.Com Tankless water heaters, radiant heating and hydronic supplies, direct vent room and space heaters as well as provide technical advice.

Hubbell Electric Heater Co. Hubbell makes a wide range of water heaters to meet the specific needs of practically any commercial, industrial or marine water heating application.

Hudson Products Corporation Manufacturers of air-cooled heat exchangers, axial flow fans, tank and vessel process heaters, finned tubing, and service plant numerical modeling.

Hughes-Anderson Heat Exchangers, Inc. Designs and builds shell and tube heat exchangers for the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries.

Hughes-Treitler Manufacturing Corporation Specializing in plate-fin heat exchangers, cold plates, condensers, and evaporators for the aviation, engine, industrial, and marine industries.

IndHex AB Manufacturer of plastic air to air heat exchanger for ventilation, dehumidifying, and cooling applications.

Industrias Termotronic, C.A. Manufacturers of a flow activated water heater without a deposit or tank. The system offers four basic advantages over any other traditional water heater, space, energy and time savings and constant hot water.

IQS: Heat Exchangers Heat exchangers manufacturers directory including plate, shell and tube, air cooled, and marine heat exchangers and heat tube exchangers.

ITT Standard Manufactures plate and brazed plate standard and air cooled heat transfer products.

Keltech, Inc. Tankless hot water heaters for residential and commercial needs.

L.F. George, Inc. Specializing in the sales, leasing, and service of CASE underground equipment including trenchers, vibratory plows, and directional boring machines.

LENCO Manufacturing replacement heat exchangers and coolers for marine engines.

Lochinvar Lochinvar manufactures water heaters, boilers, pool heaters, and storage tanks.

National Association of Home Builders Current valuable information on new water heating and other technologies in housing.

NCF Corporation Offering the Takagi tankless water heaters for residential and commercial use.

Nooter Corporation A manufacturer of heat exchangers, reactors, pressure vessels, and heat recovery steam generators.

Oso Manufactures stainless steel electric water heaters.

Pat's Heating & Air Conditioning Residential and commercial sales, service, and installation of heating and air conditioning systems; also duct cleaning.

Patterson kelley Co. Manufactures in heat transfer equipment including boilers, water heaters, steam generators and heat exchangers.

Peerless Heater Company Manufactures a full line of residential and commercial cast iron boilers. Offer both oil and gas-fired boilers for hot water or steam systems.

Plumbing and Industrial Supply Offers thousands of different commercial model water heaters and boilers. including gas-fired, oil-fired and electric configurations.

Polaris Offers plate and frame, brazed, semi-welded plate heat exchangers, and more.

Profins Tubes Heat exchanger tubes for the petrochemical industries.

RAS Process Equipment Manufacturing Manufacturer of custom process equipment, including heat exchangers, reactors and columns.

Ruffneck Heaters Manufacturer of industrial-grade heat-exchanger air heaters and explosion-proof electric air heaters and thermostats.

Rushabh Engineers Manufacturers of boilers, non ibr steam boilers, thermic boilers, hot air generators and industrial washing machines.

Schagrin Gas Company Services Gas hot water heaters, sales, installation, and service for residential and commercial customers.

Schaper Homes Specializes in home building, includes a variety of model specifications.

SEC Heat Exchangers Manufactures a range of heat exchangers for commercial, industrial, and processing applications.

Secespol Manufacturer of shell and tube, shell and coil, plate and frame, brazed plate, and custom heat exchangers

SEISCO Offering a complete line of space saving water heating devices for use in homes and offices. Also offers secure online ordering and toll free support.

Sentry Equipment Manufactures heat transfer products and fluid sampling and analysis systems for the process and power generation industries.

Serv-Tech Engineering Offers refurbishment and pressure testing of plate heat exchangers, pasteurisers, and coolers. New and second hand machines sold.

Stiebel Eltron USA Manufacturer of electric thermal storage heaters, tankless electric water heaters and automatic hand driers.

Stirling Technology, Inc. Manufacturer of household heat recovery ventilation systems, featuring the RecoupAerators.

Sussman Electric Boilers Filling steam and hot water requirements for industrial, commercial and specialized uses.

Tankless Inc. Heaters for simple hand washing to complete 1 to 5 bath homes, pools and spas.

Tankless Water Heater Company of Canada Distributors for tankless water heaters for whole house use, commercial boosters, pools and jacuzzis.

TE Technology, Inc. Designs and manufactures thermoelectric units, cooling assemblies, TE test systems, and more.

Tema Design and manufacture of heat exchangers, pressure vessels, boilers, and columns.

Themba Enterprises Makes a portable hot water heater that operates on a paraffin burner. Includes specifications and photos. Located in Margate, South Africa.

Thermotech Enterprises Involved in the retrofit and repair of heat wheels. Developers of the Thermowheel energy recovery wheel system.

Thunderbolt Enterprises Offering tankless water heaters by Envirotech.

Unifin International Designer and manufacturer of heat exchangers for industrial use.

Valutech Inc. Supplier of process equipment for the process industry including heat exchangers, steam traps and check valves.

Villa & Bonaldi Manufactures shell and tube heat exchangers.

Water Systems of Virginia Offering electric tankless water heaters by SETS, Aqua-Maid water softeners and bacteriostatic conditioners as well as reverse osmosis drinking water systems.

Weatherly Consulting Fabricates pressure vessels, columns, reactors, tanks, and heat exchangers.

Zach Building Company Offering custom residential home design and construction.



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