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Aeriss Inc. Manufactures and supplies a range of refractory and other ancillary products for foundries and steel and utility companies.

Allen Refractories Company Specialists in sales, engineering, and installations.

Allied Mineral Products (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of monolithic refractories and services for the foundry, steel, aluminum, and copper industries in Asia.

Bajoria Group Offer clients total solution in refractory needs for flow control in steel teeming and continuous casting of steel.

Bigstone Company Distributor of Chinese refractories minerals. Products include magnesite, bauxite, flint clay, graphite, quartz and wollastonite .

China Haicheng Xin Rong Group Co.,Ltd Producer of magnesia refractories, high grade synthetic refractories, unshaped refractories and magnesia bricks. China.

CSM Engineers Designs and installs refractories for ductwork and vessels.

Delta Refractories, Inc. Manufacture and distribute proprietary shaped and prepackaged products. Products incorporate low cement, ultra low cement, enhanced flow and shotcrete formulations.

Dinaris GmbH German refractory manufacturer offering solutions for furnaces and plants operated by the environmental services, energy systems, chemical and petrochemical processing industries.

Dyson Refractories Manufacturer with plants in Scotland and England offer refractory high fired magnesite, chrome and carbon bonded alumina.

F.S. Sperry Company Inc. Industrial contractors and stocking distributor for refractory materials and ceramic fiber products.

Fedmet Resources Corporation Supplier of refractories, brick, electrodes, carbon-based consumables, select raw materials, and other engineered refractory products used in the metal industry.

Foress International Refractory products from India, such as, industrial minerals, refractory bricks, monolithics, special insulating products, and refractory raw materials.

Gunatit Builders Pvt. Ltd. Indian supplier and constructor of refractory bricks specializing in galvanizing plants.

Hotwork Provide refractory dryout services to a range of industries. Part of the Fosbel Group.

Indian Refractory Makers Association - IRMA National forum for the refractory manufacturers in India supplying alumina, silica, basic, special refractories for use in construction and operation of steel, cement, glass furnaces, and petro-chemicals.

Isokern Ltd. Full product information about pumice concrete chimneys and fireplace components.

Jalan Refractories Pvt. Ltd. Suppliers to the steel cement and non-ferrous industries. Products include basic bricks, fireclay, high grog and high alumina refractories, and sillimanite and andalusite bricks.

Jay's Refractory Specialists Limited Supply a range of refractory products and materials. Based in the United Kingdom.

Keith Ceramic Materials Ltd Manufactures synthetic mullite, bonds, plasticizers, stuccos and fillers for the refractory and precision investment casting industries.

Kundan Refractories Manufacture refractory products,insulation material, acid proof and simulated brick. Based in India.

Lux Industries, Inc. Offer a range of construction and repair services including design and manufacture of new furnace equipment.

Magna Industrials Ltd European manufacturer of crucibles, transfer ladles and fired refractory shapes by the vibro-cast and isostatic pressing processes.

Mattech Corporation Supply a range of nanoceramic refractory materials. Includes product specifications and applications.

McNeil, Inc. Refractory supplies and construction services.

Monocon International Refractories Manufacture refractory and automated products for the worldwide steelmaking industry. Located in the United Kingdom.

Mt. Savage Speciatly Refractories Manufacturer of refractory materials such as castables, gun mixes, and pre cast shapes.

Pacific Refractories Limited Material producers handling turnkey projects and maintenance contracts, offering services in cement, fertilizers, thermal and petrochemical industries.

Purimachos Fire Cement Manufacturer of fire cement, refractory cement, rapid setting cement, plumbing products, sealants, mouldables, refractory coatings,and mastic.

Queensland Gunite Contractor involved in the placement of gunite and shotcrete cement to tanks, boilers, furnaces, pipelines. Also provides complete shutdown maintenance removal and installation of refractory.

Refractarios Zedmex Manufacturer of refractory special shapes, bricks, unshaped refractories for glass.

Reintjes Supply and installation of refractory and corrosion materials for critical applications. Services include lining installation and repair, chemical resistant linings, refractory demolition, and material supply.

Resco Products Inc. Manufacture and supplier of full line of refractories.

Riverview Refractory Inc. Supplies a range of products, including crucibles, base blocks, castable, mortars, ceramic fiber, insulation board, and various firebrick.

Sheffield Refractories Ltd Manufacturer and installer of monolithic refractories. Located in the United Kingdom.

Sonya Ceramics Manufacture porcelain, steatite, cordierite, porcelain, cordierite refractory, alumina refractory and high alumina of different grades.

Specialty Tool Manufacturing Company Manufacturer of brick support equipment for the industrial refractory acid brick and firebrick installation industry. Products include bricking machines, and pogo sticks .

Stellar Material Inc. Manufacturer of a castable refractory products that are high-strength, abrasion resistant and exothermic. The site includes a slide show of products and services.

Super Funace Works Pvt. (I) Pvt. Ltd. Intallation of refractories, refractory lining, fabrication and installation of furnaces, and related works. Located in India.

Unotherm Refractories Refractories and insulations, refractory raw materials and minerals, ceramic fibre.

Varsha Refractories Pvt. Ltd. Supplier of refractory bricks and other high temperature products.

VJ Mattson Company Supply refractory brick , insulating firebrick , refractory plastic, castable, fireproofing material and high temperature textile products.

VRD-Europa Refractory products and services for the iron and steel, cement, lime, glass and non-ferrous metals industries.

Western Refractory Services Ltd Offer a range of engineering solutions for refractory problems. Services include inspection, lining design, construction, and high rigging.

Wugang Refractory Co., Ltd. Supply anti-corrosion carbon brick and permanent ferrite magnetic materials. Also provide service of installation and maintenance.

York Linings International Refractory design, procurement and installation of all types of refractory materials worldwide.

Zar-Tech Inc. Distributor of refractory materials and related accessories. This site includes online purchasing as well as a list of installation providers.



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