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AAA Acme General Electrical Power Transformer Distribution Wholesale supplier of electric power transformers including Acme and GE brands.

Alamo Transformer Supply Company Alamo Transformer Supply Company is dedicated to bringing our customers quality service and equipment.

Alfa Transformer Delivering transformers and switchgears to industry, resellers, contractors, government, and utilities.

Asia Electric Transformers Manufactures transformers.

Cam Tran Manufactures and refurbishes oil-filled distribution transformers for global utility/power corporations and contractors/developers.

CR Magnetics, Inc. Manufacturer of electrical current and power monitoring products, including current transformers, watt/var transducers, current transducers and current indicators.

Dongan Electric Manufacturing Co. Manufactures general purpose, dry type, industrial control, buck-boost, drive isolation, and custom transformers.

Electrical Supplies electrical transformers and reactors/inductors.

Electronic Transformer Specializing in transformers for lighting, cable systems, landscaping, marine, display, undercabinet, and other applications.

Elytone Electronic Manufacturers of power, telecom, toroidal, pulse, SMD, and high frequency transformers, as well as current sensors, chokes, inductors and, coils.

FLEX-CORE Manufacturers of flexible core and split-core current transformers.

Instrument Transformers Ltd Designer and manufacturer of current and voltage instrument transformers.

Iran Transfo Design, production, and distribution of power transformers. Additional offices in Rey and Zanjan.

Jerry's Electric Remanufactures and repairs oil-filled electrical distribution transformers, including single- and three-phase padmounts, polemounts, switchgear, and regulators.

Kanohar Electricals Limited Manufacturers of power transformers.

Lenco Electronics, Inc. Specializes in a variety of custom transformers from isolation transformers to ferroresonant transformers and auto transformers.

MGM Transformer Company Manufacturer of dry and liquid-filled transformers.

Miami Transformers Offers used electrical surplus materials including, transformers, generators, breakers, turbines, electric motors, and utility vehicles.

Niagara Transformer Corp. Manufactures liquid-filled, dry-type, cast coil, drive duty, rectifier duty, and distribution duty transformers.

NSOEM, Inc. Sales and engineering of electrical transformers including oil-filled, liquid-filled, cast coil, and dry type, as well as industrial grade electrical enclosures and solid state motorstarters.

NSOEM: Control Power Transformers Sells a variety of transformer products. Offers new and used transformers, fuses, and other electrical equipment.

Q-Tran Serving the lighting and emergency lighting industry with remote toroidial transformers and power supply centers.

S.D. Myers, Inc. Transformer consultants offering maintenance and life extension service.

Schumacher Electric Corporation Manufacturer of custom-built transformers, battery chargers, welders, and portable power supplies.

Sunbelt Transformer, Inc. Manufacture mid-voltage power and distribution transformers for commercial and industrial use.

TaeHwaTrans Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of current transformers for energy meters, zero phase current transformers for ELCB and GFCIs, Rogowski coils, transducer, and more.

Tamura Corporation Supples telecom, DSL, audio, modem, and power transformers; DC-DC converters; inductors; and DC-AC backlight inverters.

Tesla Transformers Exports distribution, power, utilised, standard, dye type, ring main unit, flame proof, and custom transformers.

Tusco Trafo Co., Ltd. Manufactures standard transformers for industrial, mining, and utility applications. Also offers medium and low voltage switch gear products. Offering a range of converters, inverters, regulators, and adapters for common voltages worldwide.



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