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Bulbs and Tubes
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Pulsar Full line of compact fluorescent and halogen bulbs at wholesale prices. Sells lamps, ballasts and fixtures for commercial, industrial and residential lighting applications.

Adventure Lighting Offers bulbs for medical and scientific industries, stage and studio, photographic and other specialty applications.

All Brite Supply Company Wholesaler of light bulbs.

Bear Bulbs Wholesale lighting distributor for bulbs, halogens, quarts, reflectors and commercial lighting.

Blues Buster Offering full-spectrum light bulbs.

Bright Solutions in Lighting Supplies light bulbs to meet all home and business lighting needs including incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, high intensity discharge, miniature, and sealed beam.

Bulb Direct Offers replacement lamps for a wide variety of equipment.

Bulb Source Sells replacement bulbs for overhead projectors, stage lighting, ophthalmic equipment and Solux lamps.

Bulb Store, Inc. Specialty light bulb distributor for home and business. Online store offering brand name replacement light bulbs. Includes specialized bulbs for use in projectors, dental offices, photography studios, night clubs and more. Online light bulb supplier offers a complete purchasing process with the eSpec searchable database and BulbTrack reordering technology.

BulbTronics Supplier of bulbs, batteries and other lighting products. Online ordering of bulbs, ballasts and fixtures. Also offering bulb recycling services.

David Tyson Lighting, Inc. Offers a variety of bulbs, lamps and lighting accessories for the home or office.

Daystar Distributing, Inc. Offers projection, miniature, stage and studio lamps.

Express Lighting Nationwide suppliers of light bulbs, fixtures and ballasts to commercial and industrial markets, specializing in energy saving and long life bulb products.

Express Lighting Sells halogen bulbs, electronic transformers, and undercabinet minilights.

Gray Supply Company Provides an inventory of specialty and hard to find light bulbs.

Greenlite Lighting Corporation Representing Phoenix Lamps Ltd, a producer of automotive and general halogen lighting. Sells light up novelties including body jewelry, glow in the dark products, pens, key chains, and flashing holiday pins, earrings and necklaces.

Lamp Technology, Inc. Supplier of specialty lightbulbs, flashlights and LEDs available for industrial, energy saving, automotive, photographic, medical and electronic applications.

Lampline Lighting, Inc. Provides replacement lamps.

Light Bulb City Large selection of light bulbs, lamps, lights, ballasts, transformers and lighting fixtures online.

Light Bulbs Co Sells compact fluorescent, full spectrum, and halogen light bulbs, HID lamps, transformers and more.

Light Bulbs Etc. All sizes and shapes of bulbs, lamps, specialty lighting and more. Offers track, recess, halogen, full spectrum, and much more.

Lighthouse Supply Company Sells commercial and industrial light bulbs and lighting supplies.

Lighting Supply Co. Offering light bulbs for a variety of purposes and applications. Sells light bulbs including fluorescents, black light, incandescent, and hard to find styles. Also offers HID lamps and fixtures. Offering incandescents, fluorescents, holiday lighting, black lights, flashlights, and more.

Liting Solutions Offering specialty bulbs for medical, scientific, and artistic needs.

Loeb Electric Offers light bulbs, replacement lamps, energy-saving tips and recommendations for homeowners and business/commercial clients.

M&M Lighting Co. Suppliers of light boxes, full spectrum light bulbs, and more.

Michael Joseph & Associates, Inc. Distributes a range of lighting products including heavy duty and long life lamps, incandescents, and fluorescent bulbs. Offering fluorescent light bulbs and desk lamps from Spiralux and Vita-Lite.

PEC Lamp U.S.A. Corporation Offering a lamp and light bulb store, manufacturer, halogen lighting, and more.

Radiant Star Distributes fluorescent tubes, halogens, and lamps.

Sunray Lighting Inc. Supplier of domestic and foreign miniature and hard-to-find lamps.

Superior Lamp and Supply Inc. Marketing industrial and residential bulbs and ballasts.

The Light Bulb Center Offers light bulbs including novelty, scientific and hydroponic. Rare bulbs searched.

Thrifty Offers halogen, incandescent, fluorescent, projectors, and dimmers.

Topbulb Sells light bulbs and related products.

United Lamp Supply, Inc. Offers incandescent, halogen, high intensity discharge, and fluorescent lighting.

Van O Lite, Inc Wholesale distribution of lighting products. Retrofits done locally.

Westron Lighting Corporation Specializing in energy saving bulbs and tubes.



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