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Home Builders > Electrical > Grounding and Lightning Protection
Grounding and Lightning Protection
Site Listings
Alltec Corporation Producing lightning and power protection technologies.

Aman Berkah Sejahtera Indonesian company distributing lightning protection systems including for oil and gas plants, telecommunications structue, industrial, mining, and more.

Associated Lightning Rod Company Offers lightning protection and surge suppression.

ATI Tectoniks Limited Manufacturer of specialized equipment for earthing protection, including earthing electrodes, exothermic welding, and testing equipment for earthing/grounding and other electrical applications.

Automatic Lightning Protection Selling lightning rods and surge arrestors.

Dimensions Offers thunderstorm detection and forecasting systems.

Elpro India Ltd. Manufactures lightning arresters, zinc oxide discs, metal oxide varistors and other components.

Fuellgraf Chimney & Tower Provides a range of services to the tall structure industry, including: obstruction lighting, lightning protection, electrical installation, parts, kits, and more.

Grounding Perfection Offers deep earth, low-resistance grounding services to protect technical equipment.

Harger Lightning Protection, Inc. Supplier and manufacturer of lightning protection and grounding equipment.

Heary Bros. Lightning Protection Co. Inc. Engineers, designers, and manufacturers of lightning protection systems for buildings, factories, and homes.

Indelec Manufacturer, installer, and exporter of lightning protection equipment including Prevectron early streamer emission lightning conductors, Farady cage system, surge protection devices.

Independent Protection Company Manufacturer and designer of structural lightning protection field.

Kumwell Lightning Technology Manufacturer and distributor of exothermic welding materials for making electrical connections, including grounding systems and lightning protection.

Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc. Offering engineered systems to eliminate lightning, grounding and surge problems.

Lightning Prevention Systems, Inc. Manufacturer of the ALS static dissipater for lightning strike prevention.

Lightning Preventor of America, Inc. Manufacturers, engineers, and designers of lightning protection systems.

Lightning Protectors & Accessories, Inc. Markets gas-tube and quarter-wave coaxial surge arrestors and RF splitters.

Lightning Technologies, Inc. Engineers specializing in lightning protection design and testing for facilities and aircraft.

Maxwell Lightning Protection Installing protection systems.

Robbins Lightning, Inc. Lightning protection for all types of property.

SAE Inc. Grounding Systems Specializes in the engineering, supply, and installation of grounding systems. Also offers products including conductive concrete and lightning strike counters.

Signal Power and Grounding Specialists, Inc. Features grounding, power quality products, optic isolation, and monitoring.

Thompson Lightning Protection, Inc. Supplier of lightning protection for all types of buildings.

Windemuller Electric, Inc. Offers lightning and surge protection products, instrumentation, radio telemetry equipment, and infra-red scanning services.



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